Ketut Darmawan
Handphone +62 81 236 51809 or Studio +62 361 974244
JI. Hanoman, Ubud 80571, Gianyar, Bali - INDONESIA
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About US

Bali born and raised, Ketut Darmawan is designing and producing one of a kind pieces of silver jewellery, and teaching students at Studio Perak.

His passion for creating silver designs inspired by tropical living in cultural Ubud, the spiritual energy of Bali, and the natural shapes of unique semi precious stones. Ketut trained through apprenticeship with Balinese silversmiths, using age old techniques with simple equipment that has changed little throughout the years. He incorporates traditional techniques of Balinese silversmithing into his organically inspired and simplist designs.

Ketutís desire to pass on his silvermaking skills resulted in the opening of Studio Perak in 2001. Since that time, hundreds of students have got a taste of Balinese style silver making in the popular courses held there. Many students have come to try out a half day class, and stayed to study until the days turned into weeks! Some have made the classes their sole purpose for travel to Ubud, and come back each year for more study.

In his spare time in Studio Perak, the beginnings of the Bohemia, Nature, Urban Chic, and Jewelry for the Spirit collections were born. Soon after came the opening of the small but cute shop, Studio Perak Toko, as a space to show and sell these collections. Studio Perak now has two store fronts in central Ubud. Their nature inspired, original pieces are now being enjoyed by jewelry lovers all around the world.

Studio Perak's main philosophy, whether in design and production of their unique silver jewelry pieces, or in the teaching of their students, is simplicity. Studio Perak strives to make beautiful, wearable and comfortable jewelry using the most basic hand tools. Our methodology of silver smithing differs little from that of Balinese silversmiths 100 or more years ago. By keeping things simple, we strive to preserve a little piece of Balinese culture through our work. By learning with this methodology in our classes, our students are able to continue exploring silver making well after their experience with us, by purchasing only a few hand tools.

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