Ketut Darmawan
Handphone +62 81 236 51809 or Studio +62 361 974244
JI. Hanoman, Ubud 80571, Gianyar, Bali - INDONESIA
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Our Shops

Studio Perak is the place to find originally designed, organically inspired sterling silver jewelry, with two shop locations all in central Ubud, Bali. The mother shop, on Jalan Hanoman, is a shop and studio combination located on Jalan Hanoman -- the location of our famous silver making classes. Studio Perak also has a retail and wholesale shop on Jalan Raya Ubud, the main road of Ubud, close to Nomad's restaurant.

Studio Perak has a reputation amongst those 'in the know' in Bali, as being the place to find unique silver jewelry designs with a simple, natural and handmade look, all at a very reasonable price. Our quality and consistency in workmanship is well known within the silver industry.

We welcome both retail and wholesale buyers at both our shops. You will find our air-conditioned shops and knowledgeable and helpful sales staff make your shopping experience smooth -- especially important for the business buyer.

We strive to be well stocked in all three shops, and add designs to our collections often. As designers, we familiarize ourselves with trends in the market, while our designs stay wearable throughout the years.

At all Studio Perak shops, we feature our own designs and have our own in house production. Unlike many other shops in the area, which feature the same styles and designs in each, we offer a refreshingly different and current product. You will no doubt see the difference the moment you step inside. The Jewelry for the Spirit collection echoes ancient symbols, gods, and goddesses, and reflects the healing properties of gemstones into healing jewelry designs. Our Bohemia collection has a funky, slightly tribal and 'old hippie' feel. The Nature collection features beautiful rough tumbled stones as the focus, as well as other elements of nature such as leaves and flowers. Our Urban Chic collection has a smooth, clean and modern look. We add new designs to all our shops on a regular basis, so there is always something new to check out!

We look forward to meeting you at Studio Perak in Ubud, or online through our web catalogue, designed especially for wholesale business buyers.

2 Locations in central Ubud, Bali:

Jalan Hanoman ( between Jalan Raya Ubud and Jalan Dewi Sita)
retail and wholesale shop, and location of the silver making classes (also where you will find Ketut!)
Phone: 62-361-972244

Jalan Ubud Raya(main street of Ubud close to Nomad restaurant)
retail and wholesale shop 62-361-973371

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